Webinar | What You Say Online Can and Will Be Used Against You: Social Media Training for Law Enforcement Agencies

One of the quickest ways to end your career in law enforcement today is to post something inappropriate on social media.  A survey commissioned by LexisNexis found that although 81 percent of law enforcement professionals surveyed said they use sites such as Facebook and Twitter on the job, 52 percent of the agencies lack procedures governing social media use. In addition, only 33 percent of agencies have a dedicated person to monitor social media activity.

This webinar will discuss freedom of speech as applied to social media in public employment contexts.  Our attorney presenters will also discuss the legal issues and potential pitfalls of deleting third-party comments and blocking third-party users on department social media platforms. This webinar is designed to provide public law enforcement personnel with the ability to understand and apply the applicable First Amendment rules to real-life situations.

:: Register here for this informational webinar ::

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